We offer high-quality evaluation reports to help clients track their programmes performance, determine outcomes and lessons learnt

At a time of increasing public scrutiny of development impacts, there is an increased focus in many organisations on monitoring and evaluation activities, especially within the region. Growing demand to measure results has been namely driven by the need for accountability in donor funding, and the need to learn from programme implementation to improve effectiveness.
Our M&E services help our clients track their programme performance, determine outcomes and lessons learnt. We ensure to tailor our services to meet the project needs and to provide useful information for decision makers and stakeholders. We offer high-quality evaluation reports using qualitative and quantitative approaches. Our approach includes the design, implementation, and analysis of instruments such as surveys, focus groups,and interviews. For each assignment, we take into account the program dynamics, the partners involved and the areas of implementation. We review all layers of program implementation, extract best practices and lessons learnt whilst also formulating recommendations for improvement and future programming.

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