Whether you need to create budgets, financial forecasts, business plans or simply analyse existing data, we provide bespoke robust and flexible financial models to serve your needs

Financial modelling:
Financial models underpin various critical business decisions and any modelling error carries huge risks for all stakeholders. At Aretas Consulting, we work closely with you to develop tailored financial models that are robust and flexible. We ensure to implement standardization and consistency to safeguard against errors and poor business decisions. Our team combines best modelling practices with expertise and knowledge to bring our clients insightful advice and superior technical models. Whether you need help in creating budgets, business plans, estimating your financing gap, creating realistic forecasts or simply analyzing existing data, we can help by building bespoke efficient models that help you make sound decisions and run your business smoothly.

Model reviews:

Although created by the best company teams, internally created financial models can contain an element of error; because even the best people are prone to mistakes. By auditing your models, we can uncover some issues that can materially impact the end figure. We provide model audit services to validate the accuracy of the figures, calculations and ensure consistency throughout. Auditing your models will improve analytical insights, allowing you to present your results to lenders, stakeholders or even internal management with confidence.

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