Our commercial due diligence findings will help you better understand the current and future state of the industry you intend to invest in

Acquiring a company requires a deep thought process and a solid understanding of the target, economic environment in addition to the market itself. Decision makers have to assess and validate the business plan of the target including financial figures and forecasts against current and future market conditions. We acknowledge how exhaustive this process can be within a short bidding time, even to the most experienced management, and this is where we can help. Our team is able to produce a comprehensive analysis of the target, encompassing a detailed review of its business plan. The review includes an assessment of the target’s ability to realise the projected revenues based on past performance and forecasted market conditions. Our analysis also examines key competitors, market size/ segmentation and how some changes, whether due to new technological advancements or trends, might impact the performance of the company. We always ensure to be exhaustive in our research and precise in our analysis, enabling you to take informed decisions on the proposed target with more confidence.